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After graduating from Indian boarding schools, many alumni were funneled into specific four year universities.  Redlands in California became a place were graduates went on for further education.  This would make for a good future study.  An example of this is listed here:

Redlands Students (former Bacone). This list

Alexander, Jacob  Creek1925 at Bacone
Cosar, GalvosCreek1925 at Bacone
Dunson, Raymond Creek1925 at Bacone
McGilbra, Sandford          1924 at Bacone went to Redlands
Moore, Kelly       1936
Murphy, Ruth              1936
Pierce, Kenneth                1936
Reyna, John               1936
Scott, Jack                 1931 Bacone grad
Thompson, Francis W.            1948-55 Bacone President
                           1959 Vice-President of Development Redlands
Weaver, GallasneedMOWA Choctaw1950’s Bacone grad

Non Federal Students
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