Intermarriage Among Boarding SchoolTribes:

Due to close proximity with one another during school age years and the inevitable relationships which occurred, a look at marriage patterns would also be a considerable contribution to the history on “non-federal” tribes.  THIS LIST IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF INDEPTH RESEARCH AND IS SORELY LIMITED.  THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES OF PEOPLE AND TRIBAL MARRIAGES I KNOW PERSONALLY.  A TRIBE WITH ONE OR TWO LISTED MAY ACTUALLY HAVE TWENTY.  I WILL PURSUE THIS IN THE FUTURE.  These are just a few examples. 
Tribes married into Chickahominy:

Canadian Ojibwa
Virginia tribes (other)

Tribes married into Lumbee:

Creek Nation of Oklahoma
Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux
Virginia tribes

Tribes married into MOWA Choctaw:

Canadian Ojibwa
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Creek Nation of Oklahoma
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
United Houma Nation 
Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas
Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Miami Nation of Oklahoma
Navajo Nation
Otoe-Missouri Tribe of Oklahoma
Poarch Band of Creek Indians
Prairie Band Potawatomi
White Mountain Apache
Wichita Tribe of Oklahoma 
*there would be many more if we were counting the entire tribal backgrounds of those married in.  In this we are only counting the tribe the individual is enrolled with.  Some spouses are up to four different tribes alone, but we again are only counting the tribe from which they are enrolled.  Some outside tribes have multiple tribal members married into the MOWA Choctaw community.  

Tribes married into Nanticoke:

Mississippi Choctaw

Tribes married into Pamunkey:

Virginia tribes (other)

Non Federal Students
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